There is a lot to do in the beautiful North Limburg.

Streekmuseum de Locht
A visit to the local museum The Locht. This is in Melderslo at about 500 meters distance. There is always something going on in the weekends, such as old crafts, etc.

‘t Zoemhukske
This is a garden for bees, butterflies and all kinds of insects. It is in a beautiful area with lots of plants. You can take a guided tour in-  and outside .

De Wevert
You can visit  The Wevert in Horst. They organise all sorts of activities, including solex rental, quad driving etc.

Kasteeltuinen Arcen
Beautiful gardens around an old castle.

Thermaalbad Arcen
A day of relaxation with massage, swimming and sauna.

For children, there is also a lot to do.

In the vicinity of the B&B are playgrounds and there is forest with a natural swimming area.

At about 7 km. away is Toverland Sevenum.  This is a family theme park.

Just across the border with Germany you have Irrland. This is a crazy farm with all kinds of attractions, including cornlabyrint, mega jumping, slides, etc.

Last weekend of July           : kermis in Melderslo. A festival in the village, with live music.

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